Learn to think and act differently to the 90% of traders who lose money in the markets.





What is Traders Mental Edge?


Mental Edge will teach you a systemized approach to your trading psychology. "Over 90% of traders lose money" is a commonly used trading-related statistic that I am sure you've heard before. If trading was as simple as having a technical edge, why is it so hard to reach the top 10% and become a profitable trader?


Many traders have a logical systemized trading plan set out, they've refined and backtested their strategy to prove its technical edge, and they approach each day in the markets with the best intentions, yet they find themselves repeating the same errors over and over again, crippling their trading account. 


When these traders ask their mentor what they should do after going through a losing streak, they'll likely get a very short response. "stick to your plan", "stop acting from your emotions", typically wrapped up by informing you you've learned your lesson and now the future is so exciting! Meanwhile, you're sitting there perplexed, contemplating what this lesson you've supposedly learned is. 


The problem with this scenario is that you've learned nothing that will instill change in your actions. There's little recognition or discussion of the psychology behind why you made the decisions you have, let alone a system discussed to correct them. It's likely not the first time it's happened to you, and it won't be the last. Not knowing what to do next, you go back to your backtesting, go over previous trades, assuming the technicals will provide you with the answers. They won't and the cycle of negative behavior will simply continue.


A commonly preached quote is "emotions are your enemy", and you are told you need to remove all emotions from your trading, becoming some sort of robot, in order to be a profitable trader. This couldn't be any further from the truth.


"Emotions are not your enemy. They are signals."


Your emotions are an essential part of understanding your psychology. They are a biological reaction to what you perceive as a threat. Instead of trying to suppress them, which you've likely been encouraged to do, you need to acknowledge and use them as signals to learn from and manage with the approach I'll teach you when they arise in future scenarios. When traders choose not to acknowledge their emotions, they continue running on auto-pilot, leading to the same mistakes, as nothing has changed internally.


Traders Mental Edge will guide you through a 4-step process.

This transformation begins with you becoming aware and acknowledging that the mind you bring to trading, through biological wiring and social programming, will not work. 

"The natural-born trader is a Myth."


Our mission is to empower you, set you free from your long-held, damaging, limiting beliefs, and reprogramme your emotional brain's reaction in the scenarios that are dragging down your trading performance. The hard work in trading comes in the preparation, the actual process of trading, however, should be effortless, and that's our goal, to teach you how to trade effortlessly by developing your own mental edge over the markets.

Traders Mental Edge Curriculum



Awareness is the first step to lasting change. You will begin by becoming aware of why the brain we bring to trading, through biological wiring and social programming, does not work in a trading environment and explore how fear and greed manifest in your peformance:

  • Why the mind we bring to trading won't work
  • Biological wiring & Social programming
  • Our 3 brains and the subconscious mind
  • Limiting beliefs that are affecting your performance
  • How fear and greed manifest in your trading
  • External lifestyle pressures


This first module will enlighten you that development is crucial in becoming a top-performing trader. You will also see your emotions from a different perspective, seeing them as signals vs the common misconception that they're your enemy.



You will then apply your awakened awareness by observing yourself. Monitoring the community within your mind, a realization that we need to become an observer of our thoughts and what signals our current emotions expose to us.

  • Vicious behavioural loops
  • The variance in your decisions is controlling your trading performance
  • Using your emotions as Signals (+resource)
  • The community within your mind & becoming the observer  (+resource)
  • Shadow Work - Exposing the mind you currently bring to trading  (+resource) 


This module will include resources that you will use to become aware of the long rooted causes of any damaging beliefs or negative behavioral patterns you are currently stuck in. This is necessary before development and change.



In this module, you will learn a system to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, and restructure your thoughts when emotions arise to empower you rather than limit you. We will reverse engineer what a successful trader consists of, map our current behaviors and restructure our natural decision making state:

  • Neuroplasty - Our power to change
  • Reverse engineering your trading mental edge (+resource) 
  • Mapping your negative behavioral patterns (+resource)
  • Cognitive architecture - Restructuring your decisions (+resource)
  • Building the correct self-image


You'll finish this module with a deep understanding of what it really takes to become a consistently profitable trader, why you've made the previous mistakes you have and learn a system that allows you to view emotions as signals and correct these behaviours in times they arise rather impulsively act on them.



The final module of the main course content is about finding Mastery levels of clarity. We will show you how to create a trading plan that you can efficiently follow. Teach you our system of how to effectively journal and put systems in place to make the changes you experience long-lasting:

  • Full Notion System
  • True Self-Mastery
  • Visualization - Both positive & negative outcome-based
  • Mastering meditation as a trader


You’ll finish this module with a plan, and real actionable steps to rewiring your brain to be congruent with your trading plan and to develop your own mental edge in the markets moving forward. You'll have access to a full system built on Notion that you will integrate into your daily process, that will encourage you to follow steps that will mold your new mindset.


🔒 Coming soon

Additional content will be added regularly to the curriculum. Popular topics, further lessons and requested content:

  • Psychology of a funded trader
  • Mindset effect of capital increases
  • Creating a growth mindset
  • Building structure in your routine to avoid burnout
  • Meditations role in your system


Learn what your "mentors" aren't teaching you

Hey guys, Jonny Godfrey here, the proud founder of Traders Mental Edge. I have been in the financial markets since 2010, co-founding a successful Wealth Management Business, managing £150m+ AUM for high net worth individuals. I exited my business in 2020 to fully pursue my career in trading. I manage my own capital, in excess of 7 figures.

My trading journey began in 2015, and thanks to my background in both Poker and Finance, I started with a cheat code and saw results fast. My passion has always been focused on the psychology behind trading results, as any of the 1000's of students that I mentored over the past 3 years would know well. I've been fascinated in getting to the bottom of why there's so much variance in results from those that trade the same strategies.

I'm on a mission to have a colossal positive impact on an industry full of BS, and it starts with educating traders on what their mentors won't. Your mental edge.

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • No longer view emotions as the enemy but as signals.
  • Become aware of your negative behavior patterns, limiting beliefs & vicious loops.
  • Implement a system to rewire your brain and take control of the actions you need to take to actually follow your trading plan. 
  • Become the Director of the community within your mind and trade effortlessly.
  • Instil long-term change in your beliefs and behaviors. 
  • Decrease the variance in your decision-making and build consistency in your actions, resulting in a positive outcome for your P&L.
  • Finally become the consistent trader you know you can be!


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  • Lifetime Access!
  • 4 Core modules
  • Full access to Edge Notion System
  • Access to a community of like-minded traders all on the same mission
  • Bonus modules to follow the core curriculum
  • Resources and exercises to deepen the teachings shared